If you Google "Marijuana cultivation" for images, the result tells us the familiar stories of large outdoor plantations, perfectly arranged rows in huge greenhouses, industrial plants capable of producing kilograms of inflorescences destined to specialty stores, or... the black market. These stories match the collective imaginary: the cannabis plant is...

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There was a time when people smoked weed, and weed was just weed. Today it is possible to grow (and buy) cannabis with very precise characteristics and you can choose from hundreds of varieties.

There was a time when people smoked weed, and weed was just weed. It was not easy for everyone to find it, and at most, it could be classified as "good" or "shit.” Knowing its origin and other physical and chemical characteristics was a luxury that very few could afford....

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For many of us the plant's most important part is the flower, but there are many other things to know about the cannabis plant.

Photo by manish panghal on Unsplash Cannabis is a very old plant. It was on this planet long before a human being took his first bipedal steps. Recent studies on fossil pollen have shown that cannabis has since its origins demonstrated its attitude for heights. In fact, it seems to...

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