Here are some interesting readings to learn more about the many aspects in which cannabis is part of our culture.

While we wait for our grow-boxes to churn out the next crop, why not spend some time in the company of some good books that will make us appreciate our friendship with our favorite plant even more. We might discover, as Michael Pollan seems to suggest, that we didn’t choose...

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Home cultivation of cannabis is an activity that can give you many pleasures, or many troubles, depending on where you are. Here is a guide to places in the world where you can legally grow our beloved plant.

If you want to understand how vague, ambiguous, and sometimes futile the concept of "prohibited" is, just look at how the world’s various nations have regulated cannabis. Neighboring places, sometimes sharing the same constitution (such as the United States, for example), have different opinions and laws on the recreational use...

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For many of us the plant's most important part is the flower, but there are many other things to know about the cannabis plant.

Photo by manish panghal on Unsplash Cannabis is a very old plant. It was on this planet long before a human being took his first bipedal steps. Recent studies on fossil pollen have shown that cannabis has since its origins demonstrated its attitude for heights. In fact, it seems to...

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