If you Google "Marijuana cultivation" for images, the result tells us the familiar stories of large outdoor plantations, perfectly arranged rows in huge greenhouses, industrial plants capable of producing kilograms of inflorescences destined to specialty stores, or... the black market. These stories match the collective imaginary: the cannabis plant is...

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More and more people choose to grow their favorite plants indoors, safely, away from prying eyes, pests, and the whims of the weather. Let's take a look at the various solutions, equipment and level of knowledge required.

Growing cannabis is relatively easy. Growing it outdoors especially. In the simplest version, you just plant the seeds, irrigate and wait. After all, cannabis is an ancient plant, it can take care of itself. But if you choose to grow your weed this way, you will be in for many...

Publié par Annah Bong le By Annah Bong Plus
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