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Robonica, the manufacturer of Linfa, was founded in 2014 by Harald Cosenza, a 23- year-old German-Italian with a clear vision: to democratize plant growing at home. Growing plants is not that simple, and even the most innovative technologies demand a set of knowledge that not everyone has or wants to have. Harald decided to develop a device capable of growing plants at home without any botanical knowledge. After three years of research on materials and software and thousands of experimental cultivations Linfa was finally born: a fully automated personal grow box, suitable for all apartments and aesthetically pleasing. German technology and Italian design: the two souls of its inventor. Find out more https://getlinfa.com/en/

Harvest Brothers is a Canadian company based in Toronto. Our goal is to provide North American consumers with an innovative, healthy, easy, and safe way to grow plants, herbs, flowers and buds all year round, with fun and style. Thanks to Harvest Brothers Corp., from now on also Canadian home growers will be able to appreciate the advantages of micro-cultivation, until now available only to European growers. Harvest Brothers is the exclusive distributor of Robonica’s products in North America.
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Key information about Linfa

  • Made in Italy
  • Simple and intuitive
  • Low energy consumption
  • Automatic cultivation management
  • Small, can fit almost anywhere
  • Stylish Italian design
  • Water Tank: 4.5 liters
  • Size: 590x350x520(h) mm
  • Weight: 13.1 kg

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What Clients Say About Us

A new way of gardening
Excellent product, with attention to every detail. Congratulations to the developers of the start-up.



The best grow box and customer care ever
Really nice product, both aesthetically and functionally, even its app works well and is very intuitive. The thing that surprised me, however, was the after-sales service which was nothing short of perfect (thanks Irene) !! Highly recommended!



Nature / design / well-being
Beautiful tool that combines technology with nature. It is also an enchanting piece of design for the home to say the least. It conveys a feeling of well-being in seeing it in bloom and of confidence in the first part of sowing.

Luca P.


The best pesto ever!
Spectacular! Purchased about 2 months ago, and I made a spatial basil (the photo I put is of a pasta with pesto made with basil from Linfa). Easy to use, the seedlings always grow and the quality is excellent! Highly recommended!

Marco S.M.


A fantastic product, completely made in Italy! It is worth all the euros spent, especially for the after-sales support offered by the company: just think that they reply to e-mails on December 26th! If this isn't passion for your job ...



Very young company
Product that looks excellent, downloads the plant tab app and she does it all. Miraculous growth. Well done indeed @!!

Katia A.


Serious company
Prepared staff. Customer support is super efficient. Cultivation is comfortably kept under control via the dedicated app. A jewel of engineering. Congratulations Harald.

Francesco V.


Hello everyone
I purchased Linfa. A spectacular product to grow any type of plants with any kind of yield... congratulations this is the future... TOP!

Gabriele G.


Especially the support, always efficient and super kind... It's with so much patience..... EXCEPTIONAL

Mark P.


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You don't have to be a farmer to have healthy and always fresh vegetables. Today there is Linfa.
~ Wired Italy
It is the digital garden of the future, in which it is possible to cultivate the quintessence of every vegetable, absolutely purified from contaminants or similar
~ Corriere della Sera
The most infuential and respected Italian newspaper
The well-kept appearance, similar to an architectural structure, makes the greenhouse a real piece of design, able to blend in best with any environment
~ Tech Princess

Where to buy Linfa?

Explore the locations in Ontario!

Where to buy Linfa

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