Linfa Weezy: the ultimate grow box

Linfa stands out from its competitors thanks to its many unique and smart features, thought out to offer the best experience for both beginner and advanced home growers.

Have fun and choose from infinite varieties

Small, discreet and spotless!

Free first grow kit!

You can save up to $1,500 a year!

Easy to use…. Linfa is a very smart grow box!

Over 1,000 happy growers worldwide!
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Reasons why you need a LINFA
Have fun and choose from infinite varieties
Let Linfa’s smart, easy and discreet features take you on a home growing journey with a guaranteed destination of success.
Allow yourself to dive into the fun and passionate world of growing by exploring the endless possibilities that come with it.
Purchase your Linfa now and start the journey!
Discreet and spotless.
Linfa allows you to grow with privacy in the comfort of your own house thanks to its innovative features! In fact, Linfa is:
1. Discreet: its innovative blackout panels allow you to grow with full privacy.
2. Dirt free: hydroponic technology grows with only water and nutrients, no soil and dirt whatsoever!
3. Smell free: its carbon anti-odor filter and ventilation system eliminates any smell.
Free first grow kit!
Your Linfa comes with a free first grow kit specific to your preferred cultivation.
Seeds are not included in the kit. 
Watch the "How to choose seeds" video in the support page for tips on choosing your seeds.
You will also find detailed information on how to choose your favorite seeds in the grow kit page.
You can save up to $1,500 a year!
With Linfa you can have DOUBLE the fun and save HALF the money! 
Grow all year round and harvest every 75 days! 
Harvesting 35gr every 75 days saves you up to $1,500 a year!
But you can save even more, as the yield can be as much as 50g per cycle. 
You can also try our ROI calculator to find out more about savings.

Easy to use…. Linfa is a smart grow box!
Linfa is a smart grow box that has an automatic cultivation management system, specifically designed to make your home growing experience as simple and enjoyable as possible. How is this possible?  Notifications and cultivation tips via App, which allows you to control your plant's growth with just a few clicks.  An online Webcam, which allows you to follow your plants’ growth remotely!  Linfa is perfect for both beginners and advanced home growers. With Linfa you can sit back, relax, harvest and enjoy, or use enhanced features and techniques to maximize your yield.
Small is better!
Linfa is designed to be adaptable to any home environment, no matter how small. 
You can place your Linfa almost anywhere: on a shelf, on a table, or even hang it on the wall. 
You can grow a wide variety of dwarf plants; they grow faster and provide the same yield as regular plants, thanks to the scrog net that help the plants grow horizontally. 
You can grow up to 4 dwarf strains of your choosing simultaneously.
Over 1000 happy growers worldwide!
Linfa has been on the European and Asian market for over 4 years now and is the market leader in the smart hydroponic grow box industry. 
There are over 1,000 existing happy growers worldwide! 
Purchase your Linfa now and join our home growing community!
Award winning, stylish Italian design
Grow in the comfort of your home with our stylish Italian design made to fit perfectly within modern spaces.

Add the perfect design feature to your living room or kitchen. Unlike any other, our unique design allows you to grow at home with style.

It's like having a living exhibit!
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More questions?

Visit our support page for all the F.A.Q.s
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